Current Issue: Winter 2015


“If They Hand You a Paper, You Sign It”: A Call to End the Sterilization of Women in Prison by Rachel Roth and Sara L. Ainsworth

The Crime Behind the Bedroom Door: Unequal Governmental Regulation of Civilian and Military Spouses by Krista Bordatto


A Free Start: Community-Based Organizations as an Antidote to the Mass Incarceration of Women Pretrial by Amber Baylor


Forbidden Fruit: Sexual Victimization of Migrant Workers in America’s Farmlands by Christa Conry

Do as I Say, Not as I Do: Sexual Health Education and the Criminalization of Teen Sexuality in the United States by Sonya Laddon Rahders

Infants in Orange: An International Model-Based Approach to Prison Nurseries by Jennifer Warner


“I Do Not Belong to Them”: One Woman’s Experience in a Texas Prison, a Letter from Chamel Anderson

A Wander, Poem by Sebastian Milla

Oppressor, Poem by Sebastian Milla


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