In addition to our biannual publication, HWLJ strives to promote its mission through annual symposia and various other events for our current and former members, UC Hastings students, and the legal community. In the past years, we have hosted incredibly successful and rewarding events on affordable health care, sexual assault in the military, and female leaders in high tech and law featuring Congresswoman Jackie Speier and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, among other notable speakers. This year, we have also celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary and welcomed back our numerous alumni at our alumni reception.

We could not have hosted any of these wonderful events without your support! Please consider supporting HWLJ so we can continue organizing and sponsoring future symposia and Journal events for members, alumni, and UC Hastings students, as well as expanding our presence online and in the community.  

For a limited time, please accept a gift of an anniversary tote or mug as a thank you for your generous donation!

A donation of $15 is recommended for a tote and $20 for our mug.

We greatly appreciate your help!


HWLJ is a 501(c) organization. More information on giving to the Journal and UC Hastings may be found here. Please contact us if you have any questions.