Stronger Together: Ms. JD's 7th Annual Conference on Women in the Law

Ms. JD's Seventh Annual Conference on Women in the Law will be held March 5-6, 2015 in San Francisco, in partnership with UC Hastings College of the Law.

This year’s conference will feature:

Young trailblazers from various segments of the legal profession, who have used their creativity and grit to forge their own career paths, and will help you identify steps you can take TODAY to build your career.

Leaders from Women’s Initiatives and Affinity Groups, who will show how, by working together, we can improve the overall culture of the legal profession, as well as individual professional outcomes for lawyers.

Advice on how to find and sustain meaningful mentorship relationships.

Hands on advice on how to submit a clerkship application, draft a non-profit grant proposal, succeed as an associate at a law firm or in private practice, and write and implement a successful business plan.

Ms. JD is also proud to present the first TIM Initiative Award at this conference.  Ms. JD launched The Incredible Men (TIM) Initiative in 2014 to celebrate men who are active champions for women’s advancement in the legal profession. These men not only value equality and diversity in the profession, but earnestly and enthusiastically support women and women’s initiatives. Ms. JD’s TIM Initiative was named after Timothy Miller who currently serves on the Board of Directors of Ms. JD.

We will also celebrate the recipients of our Second Annual Ms. JD Awards, given to women who have demonstrated passion for their careers and shared that passion with other men and women.  More information on the nomination process will be made available soon.

Keep an eye on the Ms. JD website for updated info as soon as it's available.