A Note from the EIC: A Belated Welcome Back!

Somehow week five of the Fall semester is over, and I haven't stopped yet to say hello and welcome!  They say 3L is the year that they bore you to death...but either "they" or I am doing it wrong.  Still, with classes, volunteering, externships, and organizations on our plates, we are all thrilled to be producing the 26th volume of Hastings Women's Law Journal.

Allow me to briefly introduce myself:  I'm Sonya, the Editor-in-Chief for the coming year.  I chose to attend law school because I believe deeply in the power of the law to effect positive change, and I am committed to gender and reproductive justice as vital areas of ongoing efforts toward that change.  I am honored and excited to be at the helm of this fantastic publication for the 2014-2015 academic year, recognizing the remarkable history of scholarship, activism, and empowerment that has come before us.  

We've hit the ground running with a lot of fantastic work in 2014, but I'd be remiss if I let the beginning of the year pass too far by without acknowledging the great team we have.  Joining us for a second year are a stellar team of 3L editors Christa Conry, Neelam Takhar, Galen Sallomi, Denise Smith, and Jen Warner.  We also welcome several new 3Ls to the team: Kay Ambriz, Chris Carin, Shannon Mastromarco, Stephanie Ponek, MC Tran, Leila Vaez-Iravani, Xheni Diko Gallagher, and Kristopher Jackson.  And of course we're thrilled to have an enthusiastic new group of 2L staff editors, Allison DeVincenzi, Katlin Law, Ali Nicolette, Mehera Nori, Suzy Spaulding Orza, Justin Page, and Yasi Sahely.  

We're already well into editing the Winter issue, and it's been a real pleasure to see how well everyone works together.  We are also working hard on our annual symposium which will be held in early Spring, and will address conditions of incarceration for women and LGBT people.  Please keep you eyes out for more details soon!

This was my warm welcome to the Class of 2017...and now to you, dear readers!

We will be updating this page regularly with projects and commentary from our staff, as well as some exciting guest bloggers.  Feel free to reach out to me at any time.  We love to hear from alums, subscribers, fans, and critics alike - it's easy to reach us through the Contact page here. 

With deepest gratitude for your support of our endeavors, 

-Sonya Rahders, EIC Volume 26.