WINTER 2015 (Vol. 26:1)


“If They Hand You a Paper, You Sign It”: A Call to End the Sterilization of Women in Prison by Rachel Roth and Sara L. Ainsworth

The Crime Behind the Bedroom Door: Unequal Governmental Regulation of Civilian and Military Spouses by Krista Bordatto


A Free Start: Community-Based Organizations as an Antidote to the Mass Incarceration of Women Pretrial by Amber Baylor


Forbidden Fruit: Sexual Victimization of Migrant Workers in America’s Farmlands by Christa Conry

Do as I Say, Not as I Do: Sexual Health Education and the Criminalization of Teen Sexuality in the United States by Sonya Laddon Rahders

Infants in Orange: An International Model-Based Approach to Prison Nurseries by Jennifer Warner


“I Do Not Belong to Them”: One Woman’s Experience in a Texas Prison, a Letter from Chamel Anderson

A Wander, Poem by Sebastian Milla

Oppressor, Poem by Sebastian Milla

Summer 2014 (Vol. 25:2)


Ice, Ice, Baby! The Division of Frozen Embryos at the Time of Divorce by Meagan R. Marold

India's Gestational Surrogacy Market: An Exploitation of Poor, Uneducated Women by Kristine Schanbacher 

Transformative Feminist Approach to Tort Law: Exposing, Changing, Expanding - The Israeli Case by Yifat Bitton

Book Review: Gender and Judging by Hon. Thadd A. Blizzard


Rescuing Dependent Children from the Perils of Attachment Disorder: Analyzing the Legislative Intent of California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 361.5 by Angelina Clay 

Who's Really Determining Our Social Policy? Revisiting the Relationship Between Congress and the Courts in Workplace Gender Discrimination by Ashley Valdez


A Congratulatory Note by Dean Frank H. Wu

When Women Succeed, America Succeeds, Remarks by Leader Nancy Pelosi

Winter 2014 (Vol. 25:1)


Military Sexual Trauma and Mental Health Diagnoses in Female Veterans Returning from Afghanistan and Iraq: Barriers and Facilitators to Veterans Affairs Care by Kelly H. Koo and Shira Maguen

Fetal Personhood Laws as Limits to maternal Personhood at Any Stage of Pregnancy: Balancing Fetal and Maternal Interests at Post-Viability Among Fetal Pain and Fetal Homicide Laws by Bernice Bird 

Boy or Girl: Who Gets to Decide? Gender-Nonconforming Children in Child Custody Cases by David Alan Perkiss


Transmutations and the Presumption of Undue Influence: A Quagmire in Divorce Court by Sara Craig 

Rape, Sexual Slavery, and Forced Marriage at the International Criminal Court: How Katanga Utilizes a Ten-Year-Old Rule but Overlooks New Jurisprudence by Elena Gekker

Embracing "Choice" and Abandoning the Ballot: Lessons from Berkeley's Popular Defeat of Sit-Lie by Courtney Oxsen

Other Content

Karen Thompson's Role in the Movement for Marriage Equality, Introduction by D. Kelly Weisberg

More than Same-Sex Marriage: Law, Health, and Defining Family, Remarks by Karen D. Thompson

Summer 2013 (Vol. 24:2)


All Work Cultures Discriminate by Deborah M. Weiss

Courts and commentators have characterized Title VII as requiring no more and no less than the neutral treatment of men and women.  Such strong neutrality principles tend to perpetuate the male-oriented status quo. This article proposes a few alternatives. 

From Punitive to Proactive: An Alternative Approach for Responding to HIV Criminalization that Departs from Penalizing Marginalized Communities by Angela Perone 

This article proposes a multi-pronged approach to destigmatize and decriminalize HIV involving community, legislative, and educational structural changes. 

Torture at Home: Borrowing from the Torture Convention to Define Domestic Violence by Claire Wright 

Based on a comprehensive review of the psychological theory of domestic violence and numerous laws outlawing bullying, hazing, and torture, this article proposes a new, psychologically sound definition of domestic violence which encompasses mental abuse and at the same time provides protections against infringements of individuals’ privacy, free speech, and parental rights. 


Analysis of the Primary Cesarean Delivery Rate: A Legal and Policy Approach by Lisa Zolotusky 

This note proposes several methods of alleviating the effect various negative factors have on cesarean rates.  

The Ongoing Correctional Chaos in Criminalizing Mental Illness: The Realignment’s Effects on California Jails by Anastasia Cooper

This note recommends that mentally ill persons be diverted from the corrections system and placed into community rehabilitation rather than in prison or county jail. 

Strengthening the Effectiveness of California’s HIV Transmission Statute by Erin McCormick 

This note proposes an amended statue, to the current California HIV transmission statute, which allow for prosecuting those who knowingly expose others to HIV without disclosing to them their HIV-positive status. 

Other Content

Stormans, Inc. v. SeleckyAmicus Brief by Sara L. Ainsworth

In this brief, amici urge the Ninth Circuit to recognize the importance of access to emergency contraception for all women, and its critical nature for rape and domestic violence survivors.

The Evolution of a National Response to Violence Against WomenRemarks by Robin R. Runge 

In these remarks, based on Ms. Runge’s extensive professional history working on VAWA and related legal issues, she examines the remaining shortcomings of VAWA and praises the progress achieved since the first VAWA was passed in 1994 to the most recent reauthorization in 2013.